Qualitative What does the data collected, analyzed and interpreted in research mean to people? based on observations of what they do and say. observations and what people express in free form or not standardized. Because the questions asked to the respondents and the observation is open-ended. Qualitative data can also be measured, but this can be done after the conversion process is done. Therefore, it is extremely important to work with experts in the analysis process.

  • Ethnography:

ethnographic (ethnographic) research is an approach taken from the discipline of anthropology and to the behavior, characteristics, culture, etc. of a group. one of the elements It is defined as detailed descriptive research. Marketing In his research, ethnography refers to the way consumers shop with someone. consumer, such as how they behave when they go out or in a restaurant used in studies to understand behavior.

Ethnographic Market Research (Ethnographic Market Research) reveals that companies trends, lifestyle factors, attitudes, and social content in product selection and helps them understand how it affects their use.

Your Customers It is extremely important to know what he does or why he prefers it. is important. This information is only available for more intuitive and useful products and services. not only help you develop them, but also make them more attractive. It helps you market in ways. ethnographic researches for several years to fit companies, the real daily lives of consumers assisted them in producing products. We are Nova Mind Research as an ethnographic market research with our expert staff. We meet your expectations.

  • Focus Group:

Focus groups small groups of people gathered together to obtain information about the research problem. and participants were brought by a moderator, unstructured, a popular qualitative study guided by spontaneous discussions technique.

Focus groups to collect information from a limited sample of participants. It is considered a very useful technique. Information obtained development of new ideas,  the “terminology” used by the participants about the relevant product type. some clues about learning or basic needs and attitudes can be used for capture.  

Effective and powerful We, the expert in qualitative analysis, were moderated to present a study. is extremely important. We are a passionate and creative qualitative research agency and understanding the way consumers see the world and what they really think We care about our role in this regard and we want to share our extension with you.

  • In-Depth Interview:

In-depth The main purpose of the meeting is to gather unrestricted views and ideas and to market helps the researcher to better understand these ideas and the reasons for their formation.


Nova Mind Research, we in-depth with our experienced staff of interviewers to create insights We are having conversations. Our team of expert academics It creates insights by analyzing data and takes the necessary actions for you. is preparing.