Market Research

Reaching the target audience and realizing ideas together with measurement and analysis can be created with “Marketing Researches”. Choosing the right research company is important in marketing research.

Opinion Surveys

It is a form of research conducted to determine the tendencies and views of the society on a certain subject by interviewing individuals in the sample representing the public.

Local Government Studies

With the local government research project pool we have prepared, we become the solution partner of municipalities that want to increase their service quality and increase and manage citizen/voter satisfaction.

Mobile Panel

Novamind research company is using it in their research “Eşzamanlı” application, a new mobile phone survey solution designed for companies looking for extremely fast turnaround and low cost research.

Novamind Research and Consulting

With Novamind research company, which is among the most reliable research companies, you can conduct your research in consumer research, customer satisfaction research, market research, public opinion research and many other categories.

[From data to information... So why is information valuable?]

We Offer The Best Solution

With the effect of rapid change and globalization, businesses should determine their strategies according to the changing competitive understanding in order to keep up with the changing environmental conditions and to gain superiority in a strong competitive environment. The changing understanding of competition significantly affects the sustainability of businesses. Research companies play an important role at this point. As a Novamind research company, we support our customers in determining their strategy.

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Novamind Research Academy