The 21st century can be defined as a period of rapid change due to shortened product or concept life cycles, intensifying intra-industry competition, and disruptive business models that develop new consumer experiences. Micro and macro trends such as globalizing and integrating markets, increasing competition, rapid technological change, demographic transformations, diversifying consumer demands, new ways of working, changing social norms, and the increasing importance of information are the catalysts of this era rapid change.

 That’s why Christopher Freeman’s “innovate or die” argument should be motto of all businesses.

Innovation But How?

As Nova Mind Research, we approach innovation within the framework of three main features and design the most efficient and effective innovation system management model for your business.

  • Manageability: Innovation, like many business functions, is a management process that requires specific goals, rules, and discipline.
  • Incentivability: Innovation must be measured and encouraged by building institutional builders to deliver sustained high returns.
  • Game Changer: With the combination of business models and technological innovation, businesses can use innovation to redefine their existing industries.


1. Determining the current situation of your business

– We evaluate the current innovation capacity of the enterprise.

-We determine different paths for the future.

2. Designing your business’s innovation strategy and establishing its relationship with business strategy

-We develop the innovation strategy that is suitable for your business.

-We help you create a balanced innovation portfolio.

3. Designing the organizational and cultural transformation required for the innovation management model in your business

-We determine the appropriate governance infrastructure for the firm’s innovation system.

We define and shape the actors of the innovation process.

4. Identifying appropriate analytics to measure innovation at enterprise scale

We design incentive mechanisms and enablers for the success of innovation.

-We are implementing the Innovation Academy Cockpit Model by defining the essential criteria to measure innovation performance.